Monday, August 23, 2004

When two cars collide..

its a bad thing. We got a call from hubbys mom as we were walking out the door on our way to church Sunday morning. His dad was in a head on collision on his way home from a softball tournament..(yes he plays softball too, its in the blood) His friend was driving his brand new van..with only 500 miles on it..and were hit by an oncoming car who drifted into their lane...scary..driver sides hit, and mangled, crumbling the vans driver and slider doors and tearing off the tire of the other small version of a SUV.. Thankfully everyone is alive. It took 50 min for the ambulance to get there..which is really bad..good thing my FIL's friend wasnt in even worse shape..He ended up being taken to the hospital with 2 compound fractures in his arm, broken ribs, punctured lung, lacerated spleen, contusion on his pancreas..he is doing ok considering. My FIL has a gash on his forehead..and nothing else..he is pretty sore though. who wouldnt be. The other people in the car got taken to the hospital..but I think are doing well. Thankgoodness they are all ok. Makes your heart stop when you get a call like that..brings back memories of when hubby and I were in a car accident when we were in at the time..his mom was driving us to pizza after hubbys team just won the city championship in baseball. We got t-boned as she accidently crossed a highway with out realizing it. She had to make that call to my the ambulance drove us away..scary. The car was totalled. It was another amazing miracle we all walked away with only bruises and little scrapes. Thankgoodness for Toyota Camrys. :)


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