Monday, July 12, 2004

S-L-O-W down!

This weekend we went to a softabll tournament. You have heard my husband plays during the week. Well he plays weekends too. We stayed the weekend in a cabin with the players on the team. It was wonderful, the weather was great, they only played 3 games on Saturday, one of which we stayed back at the cabin. Then we went shopping and ate an awesome dinner made with the best cookware around. Salad Master. We even had the "Master" himself cook us the food. One of the guys on the team is a consultant. It was nice to come home after a day of shopping to find a man in the kitchen with dinner cooking :) LOL Then today they played two more games. The last game was the championship in which they WON! of course :) the team ROCKS! They won all five, and the last they won 26-5! it was great. Haley had so much fun playing with the other kids and her newest thing is "ewe" everything was ewe! she says it so cute! Easton hung out. He is getting so big I cant believe he is almost 5 months! of course only 3.5..but whos counting!? I think the best part of the trip was when Haley was yelling in the car as loud as she could..saying HI over and over and ewe over and over..and then just jabbering away, telling me "etin" was sleeping, and duckys were in the wawa and more duice peas, ask, how that was the best? Well, it may have been annoying..but you always want your kids to learn to talk..but its a great feeling when they start..and you want them to stop! haha I look at her everyday, and just know we are blessed! I am so proud of her, my little 25weeker has come so far! She is growing up so fast and her chubby little brother is doing the same..they need to slow down.


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