Monday, July 12, 2004

Happy Birthday USA!

I am sorry I have not written. I need to start getting use to posting to this blog whenever I get a second, just so I can keep up. Well I will go back to the 4th of July. My family actually "does" the fireworks. We are the ones behind the scenes for those of you who sit in a park and watch the awesome shows. My parents, sister and brother in law are pyrotechnicians. So my parents recruited my husband to help work on the show while my sister and brother in law rounded up their own crew and went to a different city. We drove an hour and a half away to put on a wonderful show for the community. I was dreading it since I had the kids with me and no help in a place I had to keep Haley confined. But it turned ok, We set up our pack and play on the other side of the river where they were setting up the show. Of course outside the parameter. (so technical huh?)That way daddy could come help me when the kids got kinda crazy. Well the show was great, I got the privledge to run the CD with the shows music on it to the stage and I even pushed play, and then yelled FIRE into my walkie talkie so my mom could start the spectacular fireworks. I feel so important. :) that was a late night, we didnt get home til well after 2 am. Set up takes a long time..just like the clean up! I am glad I have the excuse of "children", my back would kill after picking up a million little pieces of foil and huge sulfer smelling mortars. I do love the 4th. It just isnt the 4th without the celebration of our country's birthday with fireworks!


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