Thursday, October 28, 2004

Exa mple #45

This is what its like to try and type with a baby in your lap. He doesnt just sit still S AND LET you type. I try to correct what he does . but sometimes it doesnt work. I just try to type quick and get the the point. He lunges 5r for the keyboard ag6d and hits keys. I balance him in my lap and type one handed. y8it he wants the monitor and the papoer and cries and drools asI move his hand away 20 times. its cray5zy I tell ya. he has already hit one key that published for me :) so I am editing. :) He wiggles to get down. BUt cries to get back in my lap. Hehe I think this is his form of entertai6t6vbngd55tj tainment. Now hew is growling...I better get....eek! More to update when he naps. We found Nemo and he I will explain later. :)


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