Friday, October 01, 2004

300 visitors!

Congratulations to the 300th person who has visited my blog!!! Sadly, I think it was me. :)
I wish it wouldn't count when I check my own blog. I would probably only have about 50 visitors. I don't know why I check mine, I wrote it. Duh! haha Maybe I am looking to see if I received comments.*hint*hint*(I like to see who is stalking..I mean reading hehe) I have prepared a speech for such occasions. Here goes:
I would like to thank all of those in blogland who have, by choice, come and read my blog. (Hi Mom!) I appreciate the comments, and I just hope that when you are done reading, you learned something you didn't know before, laughed, cried, smiled or nodded your head because you knew exactly what I was talking about. :)

Ok, so this post is cheesy..Especially because the eruption interrupted when I was posting this earlier, and since I have had 5 more visitors..haha

Eh, its ok to be a dork sometimes :) keeps life interesting. hehe


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