Monday, October 25, 2004

A little bit of TP..

Friday night was the Harvest Party. The chili and soup turned out great. Kyle and I found some western clothes at Goodwill, he found a suede vest and wore my dads hat(he looked like a member of the Village People) and I found a blue dress, wore my moms boots and hat, and was dubbed Nellie from Little House on the Prairie. Only about 20 people showed up. Sadly about 4-5 of us actually dressed up. (That was very disappointing..we felt stupid. It said to dress up!) It was quite slow and boring, and spiking the punch looked like a good option. hehe We ate, and then played a few rounds of Catchprase. A few couples left. Then the party picked up a little, and we played Gestures..which one of the guys is hilarious, it made it funnier! One couple left to go see a movie since all their kids would be gone for the night. We came up with the lovely idea to go TP their house. So the 9 of us who were left went to the store and bought 8- 12 pks of toilet paper. So picture this..a cow complete with udders, Nellie from little house on the prairie, and a guy who looked like he could belong with the village people went to buy the TP. Some guy in a truck yelled at my sister "OWEH! Nice Udders!". We burst out laughing. What is even better about this story is that we are all mid 20's, early 30's and we were in the store buying TP and the highschool kids were buying snacks, looking at us like we were crazy! Nobody TPs anymore?? Or was it our age??? So we set off for the house. What was nice, was that they wouldn't be home til we didn't have to worry about being caught and had plenty of time. Their house looked beautiful! We did a wonderful job! When they discovered it, they thought it was their daughters friends, but realized the TP was too high in the trees to just be kids in middle school :) Here is a pic of me at the scene of the crime :) I am in blue. hehe

I will admit that was my very first time Tp'ing someone's house! It was a lot of fun. I wish I would have done it a few times in highschool .. hehe That was the highlight of the night, that and the Great Harvest bread.


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