Thursday, October 28, 2004

Neno the fishy.

We have a little Darla on our hands. No she didn't kill the fish...but feeder goldfish do what they do best. Live a day and die. Last night at the Carnival Haley HAD to play the Finding Nemo Game(nicely named by Kyle) So they set up a little table and had bowls, and you know how the rest of it goes. Well on her 3rd try the ping pong ball went into the colored water. Ding ding ding. We have a winner. So Haley got her first very own fish. She called him "Neno". She even tried pinching the poor fellow inside the bag. He survived that though. I got him inside and in some water and gave him some dried meal worms left over from my Beta fish I 5-6 years ago maybe? (yikes, maybe that killed him) This morning I put Neno inside the old bowl, freshly cleaned, complete with pretty black and clear stones. Haley pointed at him for awhile this morning and yelled his name, but he didn't look so good. Spent alot of time towards the bottom of the bowl. Sadly, this afternoon, the poor fish was dead. So now what? Do I get her another? She hasn't even asked about him since she woke up from nap. I think I will just tell her Neno had to go home. Maybe someday we will get her another Neno.
Here are a few pictures from last night,
Haley doing the cupcake walk. Her friend Rachel is in front of her in the woodland fairy costume.

Notice handcuffs? Haley took daddy to jail for breaking the law on halloween costumes. Do you see what he is wearing?? :)

Kyle in the pie throwing game. He is the flower on top. Makes a cute flower huh?

Even better covered in pudding and whipcream! Mommy made sure Haley got Daddy real good :)

Easton in his football jersey since his costume didn't come in time.


jenniferbf said...

Oh BREE! Those are such adorable babies you have there and so funny! Haley and Rachel are so much alike...that is certain. Rachel loves our new puppies TOO much. She tries to pick them up with her hands around their necks! It's such an easy place to grab and yet she has no clue that it cuts off their airways!
I am still having computer problems and can't get into any gmail or boards. This has been kind of good as I'm getting a lot of work done! I miss you! Big Hugs! Jennifer

Mrs. Flinger said...

Poor Nemo! Hey, if you're not ready for a fish, "he went home" sounds good. Can I say that about my two dogs? You want two dogs? ;-)

By the way: LOVE the pics. Cute cute cute. Also, I loved the previous post with the typing. Had to have hubby read that. Too funny.

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