Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Random thoughts of a 8 month old

On toys:
*Whats this? I think it should go in my mouth...
*yup, whatever this toy is, feels great on the gums.
* All it does is play music and goes in circles? Lame. next?
* ahhh now we are talking. linking rings..they are great in the mouth.
* this fish bowl is just to fun. Now only if I can figure out how to get the fish out of it..I bet if I stick my head in it..that will get 'em.
* Forget reading, books are fun to chew.
*ooh...a tag..thats great stuff. Toys need to have more of those!
* if I put this in my mouth just right, the big box changes to something else to watch, each time I bite down.

On food:
* what the heck did you just put in my mouth? tastes nasty! peas you say? Don't ever do that again mommy. how cruel.
* ooh whats this fine delicacy that is hidden in the carpet!? yummy..tastes like chicken.
* just because I make a funny face while eating it, doesn't mean you should do it again.
*(lunging foward for something someone else is eating) MUST HAVE THAT!
* I don't care if its not a food product, I thought everything goes in my mouth. I can't tell the difference between a crayon and a biter biscuit!

On parents:
*do you really think I like this thingy that plays music and hangs over my head? Looks like it will fall on me at any second. actually, its quite scary.
*Hello, my diaper is wet...can anyone hear me? I *just* peed...come on...change it..puhlease?
*Fine, I will poop now too, that will make them come running!
*You think I don't know how to sleep through the night. I would rather wake you up. Why? Because I CAN!
* All I have to do is smile at you, and I know that all will be forgiven.
* when do I get to sit the other way in the car? Haley makes faces at me.
* I really can belly laugh, its just more fun watching you try to get me to.
* Do I really have to carry a dish towel around too?..people are starting to think I am weird.
* ok, why is daddy trapped inside the phone?..I hear him..but when I grab at it to look he isn't there..I can't see him. So was he bad? Why did you put him in the phone? nevermind, I will chew on it instead.
*peek a boo mommy, I see you. Why did you put a wall up around my crib, I can just push it down with my see you crawling quietly out of my room, I know you were peeking on me :)

On sister:
*must go forward, how long must I rock before actually moving..come on legs..go sister is having all the fun..move. forward. now.
* Ugh..does she always have to wake me up? I was sleeping ya know.
* Why hasn't she figured out that dumping the dog water will get her in trouble? If she waits a few more weeks, I will be the one dumping it and they will say I don't know any better. So then she gets the satisfaction with having me do her job, and yet she won't get in trouble....
* Note to self, Little People are fun to play with. Perfect fit in mouth. Makes the sister scream.
* She is so silly! I can't stop giggling!
*Watch..when you pull her hair, she screams!
* When I slobber on her dollies...she screams..hehe

On the dog:
* Dude, stop. licking. the. face.
* Please, I said "NO LICK!"
* Hey Bear, I know what you just got done licking...don't lick me again. You got it?
* How many times do I have to ask you?
* So what exactly are you?


JulieB said...

Too cute!!!

Erin said...

hahahahahahahahhaha! This was great! By the way, about the toys with tags... why is it when I give Ben a toy made ENTIRELY of tags, he tosses it aside immediately and moves on to the tag on the side of his floor gym? Hrmmm??? why why why?

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