Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wednesdays are going to be busy.

Here are a few pictures of Tuesday night bunko..

Me, as a black cat :)

The Bunko Bunch established Dec 2000.

Close up :)

We have alot of fun playing monthly. :) Today was busy again. I am going to assume every Wednesday from here on out will be, until summer. So much to do so little time. Tonight was crazy hair night at Awana. Thankfully I don't have pictures of my hair tonight...haha.

This morning the princess freaked going into childcare again..I was hoping since brother was gonna be with her it would be better, it wasn't. When I came back to pick them up, one of them was holding the lil prince and I had the princess in my arms, and she actually said " Bye duce doush" (thats how she says his she got that from Easton, I will never know.) But she said bye to her brother, she wanted to leave him there! I couldn't believe it. haha Also, I have discovered that Capt Crunch with crunch berries is no longer acceptable. For some strange reason they decided it would be cool to make the berries change your milk from white to blue. Well when given to a toddler with out milk, the slobber will turn your fingers, and mouth, blue when eaten....if those fingers are still wet, they will leave blue marks on walls and doors...I send a big THANKS to the Captain! One more thing before going to bed since I am talking cereal, there is a reason cereal has sugar. When you decide to make cereal with 75% LESS are making a mistake. Its not suppose to taste like cardboard. Cocoa Puffs are meant to have sugar and a chocolately taste..its a good combo, don't mess with what works :) Night!


Mrs. Flinger said...

I think we have the same couch! :-)

Amen to the cereal thing. I don't know how strong I'll be with the "no sugar cereal" rule (my Mom did that with us). I LIKE Recess puffs cereal.

buhtafly said...

Same couch eh? thats cool, good taste :)
I havent tried the Reeces puffs..Might have to do that. You know, we gave Haley cheerios for the first year, and then she got multi grain cheerios. I didnt want her eating the sugar cereals. Somewhere in there her father gave her fruit loops and now all she wants is the sweet stuff, she even knows by box..we went shopping, and she had a little cart and filled it with cocoa puffs..haha
I loved my Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms growing up, so I think I will let her enjoy them too, in moderation..haha If she is anything like me, as she gets older she would dump spoonfuls of sugar on her cheerios anyways. haha

Speaking of cereal, do you find thats all you want to eat while pregnant? I craved cereal...I wanted it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A few bowls at

Mrs. Flinger said...

OMG, totally! We never have cereal (well, until about 8 months ago). AND, it's all the "bad" ones. (Like the Recess Puffs). Pretty much, any cereal on the bottom of the shelves is perfect right now.

I eat cereal for desert a lot. I think that's why I gained 55 pounds with this pregnancy. :-) Oh well...

Atomic Bombshell said...

I totally wish I had a bunko group out here in Southern California... I LOVE THAT GAME! You're lucky... pout.

buhtafly said... there a way you can get a neighborhood group together? Or couples? Friends or family? I actually play in 2 groups, one is of my mom, sister, MIL, and then my sisters MIL and SIL, and a cousin, an aunt of the SIL, a few friends..and then the other is with my MIL and a random group of girls, I think it started with a nail tech almost 10 years ago:) I also played in a couples group for awhile. It is alot of fun :)I hope you can find a group :)

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