Monday, October 18, 2004

Phantom Ghost

So there is this cute little activity that you give out to neighbors around Halloween. I learned about it through a friend who recieved it after moving into her new neighborhood. So she passed it along to be, and I started it late last year, and gave one to my sister. She had no idea it was me and then passed it to two of her friends. It was fun. So this Halloween, I have been so excited because we just just bought a house and its in a neighborhood. :) We went out, bought a cute little ghost trick or treat bag, filled it with yummy candy and some cute pumpkin straws. I printed out the ghost you put up in your window to let others know you have been "ghosted", and then the letter explaining it in cute little rhyme. Last week we finally had the chance to ring the doorbell and run, shortly after 7:30. My husband ran across the street to a house with 2 little girls. I stood outside to listen. it went like this.
Door opens..
girl 1: WHO IS IT!?
girl2: who is there!?
girl 1: hello!... hello!?
girl 2: whats this!?
girl1: I dont know! leave it there!
girl 2: NOWAY! lets get mom!
girl 1: ok..
door slams...
door opens..
girl1: look, look! what is it?
someone ruffles papers..
girl2: yay!....lets take it inside.
door shuts.

We were so happy. It was so fun hearing them get all excited. I couldn't wait to see the ghost in the window the next day, and watch as the fun continues to spread on our street. We put the other ghost on the doorstep next door. They have a little boy same age as Haley and a little girl born this summer. So I thought it would be fun for them too and we have talked to them a few times. It was such a great feeling to do this!

The next morning, I went to get the mail, and noticed the ghost was up in the window across the street. I was so excited!! I felt so good that we had done something nice and fun, and it was gonna continue. Next door, there was nothing up. So later in the evening, we left and looked again...still nothing, and this time the one that was in the window, was no longer. :( Its been days since the night we did this, and neither ghosts are in the window, and I haven't seen any new ghosts in the other windows.

I am so disappointed. Is it a little pathetic that this makes me so sad? I was really looking forward to doing this and I thought our neighborhood would do it. So to see it fizzle after the very first two..makes me really sad. Whatever happen to neighbors having fun, getting to know each other. Even though it was annoymous, I figured they would know that at least someone was thinking of them. And next time I saw them, I could have said..hey! I saw you got your ghost..happy halloween. So then of course I wonder: Do they not celebrate Halloween even though they have other decorations up? Are they afraid it was someone scary who did it? Or maybe they thought it was someone not from our street, and dumped the candy because it could be dangerous? Maybe the ghost just fell down? I don't know why they started to participate and then stopped. It makes me sad that the people next door didn't do it either. I want to give them a letter saying, thanks for participating with the phantom ghost. I am glad others on our street got to play too. Glad you enjoyed your candy. have a nice halloween. hehe

oh well. Next year when I do it, they won't be the first on my list. Thats for sure. :)


Anonymous said...

Awww. That sounds like so much fun. I am sure the one fell down and the other people probably thought it was a prank. Just walk up and tell them it was you and ask them who should "you guys get next". Don't give up so fast. Deb

JulieB said...

I'm sorry they didn't play along! That stinks! We live out in the country so we don't have neighbors too close by and everyone that is kind of close are relatives. I guess that wouldn't matter but still I don't think it would work the same.

Erin said...

I'd be upset too... :( How sad! I like the last poster's advice...

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