Friday, October 01, 2004

Pop goes the volcano..

Mount St Helen is letting off some steam...some smoke and some ash. Its not too big of an eruption. But we will see if there is more to come. It took place about noon today. I wonder if we will see any ash here..

Mount St. Helens 10-1-04

I am kinda annoyed though...All My Children was interrupted for the breaking news..haha


Mrs. Flinger said...

I didn't realize you were in the area. How cool.

I doubt we'll see ash this far south, although the InLaws might...

buhtafly said...

Ya I noticed that in one of your posts awhile ago. Pretty cool :) The way the wind is blowing, I don't think we are getting ash..bummer. If your in laws do, hopefully it doesnt ruin anything. :)

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