Friday, October 08, 2004

I am kinda boring..

gee, I don't have much to say. That is rare. I am trying to think of something, and only thing that comes to mind is that its raining. Its raining alot. Oh! I know..have I told you about Barney? Barney has not been on tv in our house for 2 years...pretty good record, I know. Kyle swore that he would never have Haley watch it. He hates Barney. I always said ok, thats fine. Well, she was watching Seseme Street and then Between the Lions, and one day Barney came on...there was no turning back. There is something addicting about him. During the theme song she got all excited and danced and jumped. She is now in love with Barney. We have several shows tivo'd and she gets estatic when I turn them on. She asks to watch it. She dances, and sings and plays along with the show. I don't mind, the show teaches good things..its just so funny to watch my husband grumble and moan when its on :)

Easton is starting to crawl, he gets one arm down and pushes with his feet while reaching with the other hand..he is getting on his knees sometimes too. So we are getting closer. Alot closer. Closer to mommy having to chase two kids.. OY!


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