Friday, January 29, 2010

attacked by the bug..

So the kids have been relatively healthy since school started. We had a bout of possible swine..but never confirmed and not too bad and lasted over a weekend mostly at the end of September? Maybe beg of October? There have been other mild colds that pretty much lasted through a weekend and well enough to go to school by Monday and not missing school. For which I am thankful for! Rarely is it Easton, he seems to have serious fighting agents in his system :) One min I think he is coming down with something, and the next his body already fought it off!

Well this last two weeks have been something! Beginning of the week before- Haley had icky eyes. I wasn't sure if it was pink eye or not, but used some drops that were over the counter and her eyes cleared up and she was symptom free by Tuesday morning and went to school. Wednesday morning..her eyes were glued shut and just disgusting the worst they had ever been. I called the advice nurse and she agreed with my diagnosis of pink eye and called in eye drops. She was much better by Thursday and had been on the meds in order to go to school. No one else thankfully got pink eye. Then Kyle came down with a cold over the weekend. I was feeling really icky Monday and Kyle came home to work at home. By Wednesday, Easton was home sick. Poor kid barely got off the couch. (so not like him!) But he felt better Thursday and went, but Haley had the worlds worse sounding cough and stayed home. all of them seemed to be running a temp of 100 last night before bed. This morning? no temps but still coughing horribly.. and Easton was just tired. So both of them are home again today. Hudson has been snotty and coughing this whole time. I was told to enjoy the 4 day weekend..I had no idea they had no school Monday! I am getting whatever it is they have and been dealing with more braxton hicks from it. So I am just taking it easy and drinking as much water as I can. I guess we have 4 days to get better. To not be sick all fall and most of winter, to get slammed all week with this crud is awful! I am hoping we are at the end and can look forward to being healthy until spring!


Teresa said...

Sorry to hear that you guys are all sick :( I hate it when the whole house comes down with the same seems like forever until everyone is better. Hope to hear that the long weekend will do the trick and have everyone feeling better by Tuesday!!!

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