Thursday, September 30, 2004

Already Thursday?

What happen to Wednesday? Where did it go? Oh, that's right, I blinked. Phew! What a day. I woke up this morning with 1 hour to get ready, get the kids ready and get my husband out the door. Harder then I thought. Today was 2nd week of bible study, first week for me. I got there 15 min late. Such is life. After dropping a tearful princess off in the childcare, and taking a snotty prince with me, I sit and try to catch my breath. I listen to the study, which I did not have before today. So I followed along. Afterwards, I met with two other women and our children over Mcnuggets and Fries at the mall to discuss crafts for our upcoming mom 2 mom meetings. You remember my 2 year old? Yes, she was there. Who wouldn't notice? She sat eating for 20 min. I was impressed. But, she got bored quickly and wanted out of the highchair. I then struggled to keep her entertained, still, and quiet for the next 30 minutes, although it seemed like 2 hrs. The people at the table next to us had a nifty stroller/ car looking thing. Haley found it. I took her out 2 times. She found the picture booth. I took her out once. She dropped her mimi, (pacifier) 5 times. She threw her cup 3 times. She dumped out my fries. She drew on the hello kitty toaster toy. She colored on my notes. She ripped out pages in my notebook. I stood up holding her, I sat down holding her. I rocked her, I gave her the mommy look. I finally called her father and told him we were almost done, to please come get us. During all this, the prince cried, fussed, ate half his pears, drank half a bottle and was rocked to sleep and put back in his carseat. I got home, put them both down for a nap, to which the little prince refused. I researched some craft stuff, checked my email, talked to my sister, returned a phone call and I made dinner. I put the prince back down for the 2nd attempt at nap, and changed the 4th poopy diaper. My husband came home, we ate dinner, we re packed the baby bag, changed into our Awana Cubbie shirts, and dropped the kids off at my inlaws(since the prince had snot*) I played with 4, four year olds, listened to their bible verses, helped them with a craft, then sent them home with their parents. I stayed for a meeting for the upcoming Harvest Carnival. I then waited for my husband to finish playing basketball in the gym, because they needed him...they only had 9....whatever. We get to my inlaws at 10pm. We talk til 11ish, we get home, get the kids to bed, and watch our tivo'd shows. (isn't Lost great???) I just now, finished pumping. (Yes, I can pump and type two handed :) another fabulous talent) and now ready to crawl into bed. Was today even today? Wow. I am so tired. stay in your pj's all day, don't do anything but sit and relax day.

*Snot= no child can attend childcare at church if they have a fever, colored snot or diarrhea. Gee, wonder where he got it...maybe childcare?? At least I am not passing it back. Although maybe I should. :)


jenniferbf said...

LOL..Sigh...Rachel is just like Haley..and I mean JUST like her. I want to get out of the house and when I do and have to go through all of that I don't want to leave again...until I get tired of the walls and the same yard! It is too bad we don't live closer to each other! Where are all the people like you? I really wish I knew you face to face, day to day.

Hugs, Jennifer

JulieB said...

Hi Bree! I love reading your stuff. It's always entertaining and it makes me see that Daniel isn't the only Sapphire acting 2! Thanks!

I started my blog and it's pretty BORING at this point but you can check it out at

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