Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Is it just me or is today kinda dull?

Not a whole lot is going on. I don't have alot to say. I am sure something will come to me later. Although two things happened that were pretty funny this morning. The prince peed on our bed while awaiting a shower with his daddy. I knew it would happen. I was waiting for the "ok bring him in" and I laid him on his naked little tummy, for fear of getting aimed at..and sure enough, he peed like I said he would. haha Then later I went into my bathroom..and I hear this..."mahma....where are you!?" LOL I think that is the Princess' very first sentence. She of course found me. haha and so it begins..I will no longer get privacy in the bathroom, for the next..huh..I still follow my mom to the bathroom. So I guess that means, never. haha


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