Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The smell of burnt Mac n Cheese

is not so pretty...the smell of it still in the BOX...even worse! *blah* I was making mac n cheese for lunch, and I turned on the burner while I was filling the pot with hot water. The princess grabbed the box and was pretending to eat the noodles on the front of it (so cute!) and then set it on the counter, well, so I thought. I noticed a burning that really stinks smell and realized she set it on the hot burner...YIKES. I grabbed it just before it burst into flames. Ok, so it was just starting to smoke. ;) The box has 3 brown burn rings..haha. There were even burnt noodles in the box, so I had to pick those out. You ask how it tasted?Well, just like it smelled. haha The princess didn't seem to mind. Thankgoodness she didn't touch the burner with her hand instead. * note to self don't turn on the burner before setting a pot on it.


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