Monday, September 20, 2004

What to do with boxes..

First of all let me tell you this..we went to Costco yesterday and I was so excited that I had a coupon for Huggies. You see a box of 144 diapers costs 29.99 for a size 4. Which is what the princess wears. It was 3.00 off! whoo hoo! but the downside..was we also needed another box, of size 3 for the prince. (Can you believe he is almost in the same size she is?? ) Since I only had one coupon we got him Pampers, because I like the way the crusiers fit him...even though he isn's crusing yet. Why bother right? I should have gotten the box of Huggies that have 12 more diapers in them. Why didn't I? Because they are cute, blue and have seseme street on them, ok? haha but back to my point, we walked out spending $56.98 on diapers alone. We do that every 3-4 weeks. I think, I never really have looked at how often we have to buy them, seems like its a constant thing we run out of. Gee, wonder why... ;)

But now to the real point...what the heck do I do with the boxes they come in!? My garage is starting to look like its a home for all lost empty diaper boxes..they are taking over! What should I do with them? its insane how many are in there! not to mention the human size ones that At Home America stuff comes in from the parties I have. Boxes are coming out of my ears!


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