Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Big blue booger sucker

The little prince is sick. I hate it when my babies are sick. I feel so bad because there is only so much you can do, and they don't understand why they feel like they do. He is so stuffy, so snotty, he snorts. Overall he seems happy, just tired. I just had to use the dreaded big blue booger sucker, aka Bulb Syringe. I am a pro with that thing. I am usually the one voted to do it. Kyle blames it on being left-handed that he can't do it very well. (ya right! nice excuse, he just doesn't want to be the one known for using the torture device.) Yes, it is a lot like torture. You have to hold their head to one side, and usually an arm or two as well, then you squeeze, shove the little tip up their nose, and release while the nasty gurgling sound of mucus pours into the main compartment of the sucker. While doing this, most the time its so thick that it just makes strings from their nose to the towel you are using. That's when you need to learn to be quick. Not only by the first few times of doing it they are screaming, you now have snot strings cascading from their nose, you learn the art of big blue booger sucking. There are many techniques to it. I have gotten so good at it, that on most occasions, I don't have tears. Usually its quick, painless, fightless, and Ta Da! nose is clear and they can breathe for about 2 minutes.

We were once spoiled though, with Haley, we were given a suction aspirator. It looked something like that. Kinda scary looking, but I tell ya, it was the best thing we ever had. You turned it on, and just held it close to the nose and bye bye boogie snot! It had a great suction on it. No, it didn't hurt, but it sure did clear her nose in 3 seconds flat. It was a life saver. We were sad when she no longer needed it. Thinking back, I can't believe they let us rent one. I think it was because in the NICU, we were so use to seeing them used, that to use the blue sucker, felt like using a cell phone that still only worked in your car. It just wasn't done. The only downside with the machine, was the contents of the nose went into a clear bucket. So whatever came out, you saw floating in water. It was gross, and the smell wasn't so pleasant either.

So now, its just me, the big blue booger sucker and Easton's nose. I will get the job done :)


Mrs. Flinger said...

I love the detailed explanation of the sucker. I'll have to keep this in mind the first time I have to use it. I think I would just dread the first cold. Poor babies. It really sucks to be sick and have no idea what's happening.

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