Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Embarrassing moment # 354

I told you I would have something else to write about. :) The UPS man came by this morning and asked if we would hold on to the package for the people across the street. My husband said sure. So its been in the entry way. Now, you see I am a stay at home mom, that means I stay at home most days. We usually don't venture outside unless needed. I normally go get the mail by now, but that would require doing my hair and make up before doing so, and that hasn't happen yet today. Well, Kyle has gone in and out the door 4 times today..and he is notorious for putting stinky dirty code brown diapers outside the front door. And on occasion code yellow as well. So to embarrassing moment #354.. I am sure you know where I am going with this..you guessed it. The neighbor came by to get her package..and to my HORROR, there are like 6, I repeat 6 diapers and a wipes bag?? outside my door.... why the heck a wipes bag, who knows..but oh my..I almost died, at least I didn't notice the usual smell of poop when there are diapers hanging around at the door. . but still. I am sure you can tell I am NOT the one who does this. I only put one there if its red alert..but with the intention of taking it to the can as soon as I get a free second. Kyle on the other hand...I think he thinks its another version of the diaper genie, because he has A. put them there today, on several occasions I am assuming. and B. walked by them 4 times, with out taking them 5 ft to the garbage can. . the only thing I could mutter to my neighbor was...oh goodness..my husband was suppose to take these to the garbage. She laughed and said.."haha my husband". As IF I was lying!! As IF I put them there.. ohhhh I am so embarrassed. Kyle will not be putting diapers outside the front door anymore, I can tell you that much.


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