Friday, September 10, 2004

A little girl and her parents need your prayers.

Her name is Allie. You may or may not have already heard about her. Her story is circling the internet like fire. She is losing her battle with Leukemia. Please say a prayer for her to pass peacefully. And hug your babies tight. No parent should ever have to make a decision like this, or deal with the loss of a child. Its heartrenching. This is bringing up alot of emotions for me with Ashlyn. Reading Jennys posts, all sound so familar..and I keep thinking, Allie wont get to do this, or that ..and I remember, Ashlyn never did either and never will. I just feel for Allies parents, I know what they are going through, living in the hospital, making life long friends, the nurses become your support. We were able to leave the hospital with Haley though and that did make a difference, but the experience is forever etched in my heart, I had to leave one baby behind. It was hard to accept that only one was going home. I was mourning my daughter and my pregnancy that was cut short, and at the same time celebrating my little miracle going home. So bittersweet. We really didnt know what to do with ourselves when we took her home. We had been away for 4 months, life keep on going and we felt like we had been at a standstill. In a completely different world. And now, 2 years later, the words" God is in control, He has a plan, and it was meant to be" dont cause as much pain as they once did. I still dont agree with what happen, I will always ask "why" but each day goes by I am accepting it a little more. I am a changed person since Ashlyns death. My faith is stronger now then ever before. I have been able to help others with their grief of losing a child. Haley is going to be the March of Dimes ambassador for our area for Walkamerica(a prematurity campaign). From our experience our lives have changed. Ashlyn is forever in my heart, she is with us everyday. I know she is with Haley as well. Haley has shown little signs that I know her twin sister is with her daily. She is still to little to understand, but I hope someday she can tell me about her. About the angel that touched our lives.


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