Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Easton!

Boy oh Boy am I behind! Easton turned 6 years old on February 13th! He was our leap of faith after having a previous preterm birth and a loss of a baby. Many people couldn't believe we were going to have another baby after all we had been through.So soon even. But we couldn't just sit back and wonder the what if's..we had to take a leap. And Easton was our wonderful gift for that leap! He was 6 weeks early, but by our standards..6 weeks was nothing! He was big to us at 5lbs 9 oz :) Its amazing the personalities that emerge at birth, and carry on through the years. :) Easton spent a month in the NICU. He was easy going, a little "lazy" when it came to breathing, and just "I will get there when I get there" attitude :) Not much has changed. "little lazy" is still part of his personality, so is the easy going :) He loves to please his family, and though he isn't as talkative as his sister, he absorbs so much! Out of nowhere he says something and its like.."hey! you do listen!" :) haha He loves kindergarten very much, though when asked what he learned..he says "nothing". Or what did you do today.."nothing". :) He loved playing soccer in the fall, but has asked if he can play football instead. During a game of carpet football with daddy and brother, he told him "I was born to do this!" :) He will be playing Tball in a few weeks as well :)

The day of his birthday, Monster Truck Jam was in Portland, so he wanted to go. (You know because when asked, he says that he wants to be a Monster Truck Driver when he grows up...OY!) A couple of his friends and their fathers went with us. Then we came back to the house for pizza, cake and presents with friends and family :) It was quite a fun party complete with a Mario Bros theme :)

Its Ironman!!

Gravedigger goes down...
Easton and his buddies!

The Mario Bros time and supplies on the name writing..haha. My excuse is that I am pregnant :)

OH MY GOODNESS...Somebody was a "little" excited :) Thanks to G & G Cuckoo :)

Mario Bros game!! Whoo hoo!


MoDLin said...

Happy Birthday Easton!!! Glad to see you have grown so big and healthy. Keep up the good work!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great day!

Jodie said...

Great B-Day Idea! Love the pictures!

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