Thursday, November 18, 2010


Is this thing still on? Ya..ya..ya. I know. I haven't blogged here since I posted that Madden was born. I could use the excuse that I am really busy. And well- I think I will. Its a good one. Madden was in the nicu for 2 weeks, and we came home to Tball games, softball games, summer vacation, swim lessons, bday parties, bbq's, camping, Boise, Sunriver, and photoshoots. Then football started, soccer started, and we had practices every night of the week, I photographed two weddings and doing family shoots out my ears. All that means I am on the computer non stop editing. When I am not editing, I check facebook, and as for anything else, I want nothing to do with the computer. I want to sit on the couch, hold my baby, play with the kids and do nothing. (But that rarely even happens, as we have homework to do, dinner to cook and a house to clean!) I am behind on reading blogs, message boards, emails and of course my own blogging. I manage to get a couple posts on my love & grief blog, but mostly just as therapy for myself, as it gets too overwhelming when I keep it in too long. Most of it I am sure no one wants to read because its just about my struggles of the new normal (again). I wish I would have blogged about my grief after Ashlyn died, it would help me remember there is a light at the end, and all the ups and downs are normal in a daily struggle. I mostly blogged about it at anniversaries. All that are coming up and really? the first year I do remember is the worst. this blog isn't the only one neglected, my photography blog is just as behind and I think about posting all the time to this one and that one. SO at least know I think about you :) that has to count for something! right?

I would like to say I will do my best and do a couple posts to catch up, but that means I have to edit my own photos to share (I know I don't "have to", but thats like going out in public without make up on, and I just don't do that) And that also means that the 4 photo galleries that are waiting to be finished and posted would be neglected and I am sure clients wouldn't like that...and then the 2 coming up would get just as behind. So for now- all you get is this. :)

We are alive. We had great soccer and football seasons. Hudson got to play soccer for the first time in kinderkick. He loved it! We loved football season and are sad that its over but can't wait til next year! Easton is reading now and learning math and Haley rarely gets less then 100% on her school work. Hudson is a wonderful big brother to Madden and is so helpful around the house. We have recently found out that he loves to help cook and will do so any chance he gets :) Madden is growing great and will be 7 months on Thanksgiving. He truly is my daily sunshine. He is so snuggly and happy (happy most of the time, as long as it doesn't involve us having to do something in 15 min to get out the door and can't tend to him immediately..haha) He is amazing when it comes to practices, games and photoshoots. He for sure is a 4th child who just goes with the flow of the chaos around him :)

Its something right? :)


Twinkletoes said...

Yeah! An update! So glad you are well!

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