Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Birthday invitation opinion please!!

I would love if you would give me your opinion on which invite I should use for his party. I really like 7, but 8 is a very close 2nd. And 9..well its just so sweet. So please if you read often and never comment..please let today be the one day you do :) just state which number if thats all you want. I would appreciate it alot! Thanks!!

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

The font looks better in my other program..saving it off as a jpg and shrinking it down makes it harder to read. But thank you so much for helping make this choice :) I think number 8 is getting blown up to go next to number 9 on our wall :)


Erin said...

I like #7 the best because it goes better with the little poem... BUT, if you were to combine 8 and 9 into a side-by-side thing, that'd be really REALLY cool too.
Was going to comment on the readability of the font, but you cleared that up. ;) LOL. They are all adorable!

Sarangeti said...

No wonder you're having a difficult time! I'd say 7 because you can see his face, and he looks so determined on it!

Or, use all 3--go from the sleeping one to the sitting to the standing? Have it fold out so they can see his progress?

Rachael said...

I love love love 9! But I am going to have to say go with 7.

RysMomma said...

Oh I love #9 - maybe you could insert a newer picture in there like Rach's cards. That would look awesome!

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