Monday, January 31, 2005

He said it!

Easton has been waving. Not always when I ask him to say hello or buh bye..but he will wave. Yesterday, while we were at lunch, a great grandma of our friends said bye bye to Easton as we were leaving. He RESPONDED. He said buh the CUTEST voice and WAVED back at her! I was floored. I was in shock..she tells me how cute that was..and I told her "no kidding! he has never done that!". Kyle was standing right there and we both starred at each other like who is this kid!? We were so excited! So then later that day we tried it again but this time with the word Hi. We would start the 'Hi Easton..Hi. Hi baby." and by golly he did it! He waved back at us and said HI! in a very cute sing songy voice :) you know, drawn out "i" sound at the end. haha he did it several times..and we just grinned each time :) He is growing up. 2 words in one day and a wave to go with them!


Rachael said...

That is awesome. Way to go Easton!!!

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