Saturday, January 29, 2005

Perfect blogging moment

Not more then 1 hr ago, I sat for a few seconds, reading a few blogs that I do so often. I thought to myself " self, I haven't blogged yet today. We were busy. What could I blog about? I could tell my readers about taking the kids to see Racing Stripes. But that is simple. I wish I had a great moment to write about..humm... ok time to start the bedtime routines.." and off I went. Not realizing the perfect blogging material awaits me.

So I gathered my son's p'js, the cute ones that say All Star with baseball players, bats and baseballs on them. I grab the butt creams, a diaper, and the wipes. I laid him down, and started our ritual of daily crocodile wrestling. Round one: I wrestle off his pants while trying to pin him down..I decide in desperation, to let him have a baby wipe*. He instantly shoves it in his mouth! Score!! Mommy 2 points! I get a few seconds of time to get the diaper off, wipe down, apply the creams and close up before he wiggles away again...In the moment between wiping and opening the butt cream, he looks at me kinda funny, stops squirming..grunts..and then resumes squirming. First mommy better not poop! So as I start applying cream..I smell a horrid smell....OH MY!!! My son's very first witnessed..SBD!!!! Can you believe it!? I just fell victim to his first Silent but Deadly fart..I am still in shock. I am sure this isn't the last because from experience, boys think this is the funniest fart alive. Especially to let your wife get caught in it at the car seat section of Target today and watch her blame it on the toddler, while checking her panties to see if she pooped... ugh! Now I am going to have two of those! They are never too young to become 100% boy are they??

After this happens, my brain starts working on how this is the perfect material for today. Whats better then farts on a mommy blog! I take a break before getting my daughter in p'js to run to my computer to jot some of this down so I don't forget it. I peek on the kids after a minute..and of course, my daughter was so kind to dump a baggy of Cheerios out in the laundry basket full of toys that need to go down the hall....and I quickly smell something again...I check her, all clear. I check him, and I was the lucky winner. Its not fair when I am the only one home, I get all the 'you smell it, you change it's" So I get ready for Round 2 of Crocodile Wrestling. This time it was a little more difficult, but at least I was not victim of another SBD. Its amazing how mom's manage not to get poop everywhere, while the wee ones wiggle, squirm, move, and toys that are used as diversion, end up being shoved in the diaper zone. How both of us manage to walk away(or crawl in his case)poop free really is amazing.

My night finishes with allowing the vacuum, aka dog, clean up the mess of cheerios. Laying a clean, freshly changed twice in 10 minutes, fart boy down in his bed. Wrangling a pleading-to sleep-in-the-chair 2 year old while carrying said child, 3 blankets, a towel, 3 puppies, 2 bears, a dolly, a carebear and 2 baby bottles down the hall to her bed. (All things mentioned were in the chair where she thought bed time should be) She laid happily in her bed inside her puppy sleeping bag with everything surrounding her, while we said her prayers and I turned out the light. Now its time for this tired mommy who didn't think she had anything worth blogging about, to finish up and go sit in the chair with her feet up while watching Wickedly Perfect :)

The kids did do well during Racing Stripes. They both fell asleep half way through so it was almost like getting to see a movie alone with my husband. Easton woke for the ending and sadly we tried to wake Haley and she wouldn't wake. She saw the credits rolling, and asked for the Zebra... :( But it was a very cute movie, it was a "feel good, make you want to find your own zebra to ride" kind of movie :) hehe

*baby wipes are not suitable for eating..but they are the sensitive touch hypoallergenic and alcohol free they can't be that bad can they? I also do NOT allow him to chew on them long, just long enough for changing a diaper and then I quickly remove it. It makes him happy. Do not try this at home unless you are a professional mommy :) hehe


Traci said...

OH Boy! This must be what I have to look forward too. I thought my husband was bad enough with the SBD, maybe I am wrong, only time will tell.

Mrs. Flinger said...

ROFL! That's HILARIOUS. And he's *just now* doing SBD? Oh, man.. LB must be my girl 'cause she's been doing it for a while now. :-)

hey, I was gonna call y'all and see what you were doing but then I went.. DUH! I don't have her phone #. :-) I was BORED today. We'll have to hang out sometime. It's nice to know a mommy close!

Glad y'all had a good weekend!

Erin said...

Guilty on the baby wipes eating charge. I give them to Ben all the time when I'm changing him. LOL!

buhtafly said...

Oh Erin..I am so happy I am not the only one who gives him a wipe to play with! phew!

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