Friday, January 21, 2005

Trust your instincts...

I laid Easton down for a nap. I changed his diaper, and thought twice about putting back on his pants. I thought to myself, "Self, nah.. don't worry about pants. No need for pants. He won't poop, and if he does..we haven't had a blow out in months" So pause right there. Biggest mistake was "he won't poop" you see you would think I would learn by now. When it comes to children and a thought crosses your mind...about 95% of the time it happens. I heard the little man banging on his wall, so I knew he was up. I went in and the first thing that came to mind was, "ohhh it smells like poop in here, eew" 2nd thought that followed.."hope it wasn't a blow out since he has no pants on" well you see. You just don't think these things..because you usually find what you thought.

Poop up his back, on his blankets, on his bumper, on the outside of his I carried him straight to the his little body wiggled towards mine and I held him further away. I removed his clothing and turned for a second to grab a wipe..and I thought " don't move.." you see a pattern here??? of course he moved..and sat right on top of my foot and bath mat! so yup, poop there to. I get him cleaned. I start the wash and get the soiled things in. Now he is happily playing in the playroom with me, while I type this.

Just try not to think these thoughts, because I tell ya, they happen! Happy thoughts..non messy thoughts....keep it positive! hehe


Mrs. Flinger said...

Maybe a small rendition of "poop goes in the potty" will work for him?

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