Saturday, January 22, 2005

White Noise

You know, tv static. Radio static. I was never afraid of it before. Now I am. Last night I went to the movies to see White Noise. Not by complete choice. Kyle was reffing til late, my parents so wonderfully watched the kids for me to get out of the house. My sister and her best friend K came by and picked me up, we met 5 other ladies at Applebee's, an hour late. We sat down and asked what movie we were going to see. The excitedly said Meet the Fockers. I slightly groan. I love Meet the Fockers. Don't get me wrong. But this would make it the THIRD weekend in a ROW that I would have seen it. I went with my mom, we had a date. It was soooo hilarious. I knew my husband would love it! So we went with another couple that we are really good friends with. It was even just as hilarious as the first time I saw it, with one side note, I knew what was going to happen. Not so fun. So seeing it the THIRD time..I just didn't think I could do it. We suggested a few other movies..all poo poo'd. My sister and K kept suggesting White Noise. The group said NO WAY. But were ok with us splitting up. We no, so the plan was to meet them there, since we came late and weren't done eating yet. When we got done, it was movie start time, it was decided that I really didn't need to see it again, and the other two really didn't want to see it, and they were itching to see White Noise. So off to Old Navy and Starbucks and Childrens Place to kill some time. I got some great deals at Old Navy, Which normally I don't find anything very cheap. But I got Easton a snow suit for 4.99! I justified spending that because he doesn't have one, and in case we *might* just get snow this winter...the one time he wears it would be totally worth it! haha I also got him a few shirts and Haley a sweatshirt. When I was in line, I came to the conclusion I have completely crossed over to being a "Mom". I no longer buy things for myself normally, because, well my kids are cute and they look cute wearing clothes. :)

So off to the movie. It was late. We called the sister of K and she and her daughter met up with us. We were late. As usual. We sat in the very front row side, which kind of distorts the peoples faces and makes it hard to read if there are words. It also makes you feel sick to your stomach if they do fast moving camera work. But that didn't matter because I looked through a grid of my fingers most the time. You see, I have become a big baby when it comes to scary movies. They scare me now. I wasn't the only one. 4 out of the 5 of us, slunk down in our seats and covered our ears and eyes. This was just down right freaky. I don't want to tell much of the story..because that would ruin it if you saw it. But I will say it had to do with White Noise of the radio and TV, and it makes me want to try to hear people..or see images of those who passed over..but then I learned that it wouldn't be a good idea. So we screamed and jumped, then we heard people laugh. We realized they were laughing at us. Being in the front row kinda sucks. People see you. :) What happened after the movie is what really freaked us out, we were the last in the theatre. As we were walking out I said "Wouldn't it be freaky if the big screen went to static all of a sudden?" Just then there was a loud clanking noise. We screamed and ran. You know when you watch a movie..the sides move away from it to make it bigger. Well they closed. But we then had to freak ourselves out all the way to the car. As we approached my sisters Explorer, freaking ourselves out, her alarm goes off...we scream. She accidently hit the panic button when she was unlocking it. As we made our way home, we stopped by to pick up K's daughter lil' K. We thought it would be funny to set up static on the radio while K went to the door and I would hit un mute on the radio from the back as we drove away. So as we set it up, and freaking out because we heard voices on it. The digital clock turned midnight. Just a few seconds later, the automatic doors LOCKED. We freaked out! Still do not know why that happened. We tried to justify it..and tried it again..and it didn't do it. FREAKY! So they get back in the car and I do the little trick. K screams..and now we have totally freaked her daughter out. haha So lil' K would not move so I could get out and I had to crawl over her. hehe I get safely inside my house, and then can NOT sleep because I am freaked out. I think I had a nightmare. haha

But that was my night, and I learned not to mess with white noise :)


Mrs. Flinger said...

I could SO NOT watch that movie! We turn on the hairdryer CD I made for Lauren every time we lay her down. White noise is my LIFE. I crank up the static on the radio in the car until she settles down and I'm driving. Plus, I'm a way bigger baby with scary movies. I won't even go.

I went to Old Navy last weekend and spent the 15 dollar gift card I got for Christmas on outfits for Lauren. Bob said I'm so apparently a mom because I bought NOTHING for me but made a killing with those baby clearance sales!

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