Saturday, January 15, 2005

Good Morning Sunshine..

oh wait..thats for a different day...hehe

How about Ice Ice Baby...too cold too cold... ok so I am a dork. :)

So grab some coffee or hot chocolate and sit by a heater and check out these icy pictures.

Our Frozen car...icicles not included.

Icy recycle :)

Icy Tiki Tiki wind chime from Disneyland

Haley and Bear..staying warm inside, sorry about the *just* panties..we are potty training..hey its easier that way!

Not sure if we will be getting more ice or maybe snow. Or if it will melt. The news is always wrong one way or another. This is definitely not as bad as it was last new years! We had inches of ice with inches of snow then another inch of ice on top! It looked like this..


and the deadly walkway...

Hope you are all staying warm today! Do a snow dance for me..I would love love to have some snow. We have not had one flake this winter and its starting to depress me. We always have a few inches by now!


Sarangeti said...

Oh, your pix made me homesick. I'm originally from the midwest, but now I live in deep south Texas. It's going to be 64 here today!

Traci said...

Lovin' the winter pictures! I couldn't help capture some photos too, being that we don't get much winter weather here.

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