Monday, January 17, 2005

What to blog about.

Mondays are just like that. We all got up, laid around in our jammies, played, watched cartoons. I was able to get some scrapping done. *pat self on back* I have had no motivation to do any pages in some time. So to do a few today, I am proud. It helps when the pages I did had christmas card photos on them. Its kinda like cheating. You know all the cute cards you get from friends and family with a picture and a holiday greeting. I have always talked about scrapping them and today. I did it. So I cut out the pictures and the message and put them all on a page. I have a few categories. Family. September 2002 expecting/playgroup. March 2004 expecting/playgroup. & The NICU fabulous five. Its nice now that I have those cards on a page to display in my book. To see how much everyone has changed and grown. I like it. Now to find last years...

I didn't shower until 8 tonight. Thats a Monday for ya. Alot of you know what I am talking about. Just one of those days that somethings get put on the back burner. I did get alot done today, folded some clothes, got most of Haley's baby book filled in, (horrible I know, I have put it off for almost 3 years, because of many, how do you have a baby book for one when at birth there were two. Everything was written down in a calendar, or on the computer or my journal, so it wasn't hard to find. But I just didn't know how to put it in there. so today I just did it.) I also bathed the kids, made dinner, scrapped, got the mail, worked out. Yes I worked out. Kyle worked out with me. We are starting 17 days late of our new year resolutions. I hate resolutions. But we started today. It was nice. Even better, I took a shower. Why is a shower so great you ask? Well I took it after the kids were in bed. That means, I didn't have an interuppted 10 solid minutes. Haley didn't get in with me, Easton didn't take one with me, I was alone. When I got out, I found a face mask. Yup. I pampered myself. I did a peel off face mask. And can you believe this...I had time to put on LOTION, ALL OVER. This is amazing people. My skin is soft. My face feels rejuvenated. If my hair didn't look so funky when it dries I would consider doing this every night. But when 9 am rolls around.. this head has one crazy do.

I also watched SuperNanny. I wonder if she has my number. I should check. Not that my kids are horrible. OR that I am horrible at raising them. But tonights show, I saw alot of the princess. I saw alot of suggestions from the nanny I could try. Difference was, that I already do a lot of what she suggested to these parents and sometimes my toddler still doesn't listen. I think I need a naughty chair. We tried the time out chair, but big key difference - its a chair she also uses as a play chair. SO I think I am defeating my purpose. New stool on my shopping list. I also have to work on my tone of voice. I am consistant, I don't let her get away with things, I don't give in. But I think my tone needs work. I also think, I let her see I am stressed. I only wished the episodes would show more of the how to's, or something. I didn't feel as a viewer I got alot of detail. I want details. I want to know what their routine was. Not just there was one on the wall. I want super nanny to make me a routine. I also want to be organized.

Right now outside, its 58 degrees, just the other night it was freezing, literally. The weather man even commented on how funky it was. That only means one thing. Earthquake. I have always had this theory that when an area has such extreme weather pattern, cold to warm..very quickly, it does something to upset the earth. Creating indigestion so to speak. My theory has never been tested, nor has it been correct that I know of. But it sounds like it could be true.

Enough of my midnight ramblings.. :)


Traci said...

Wow, your Monday sounds like our Saturday. I love being lazy when it is so well deserved! Kudoz to you and getting some things done, especially the long deserving pampering you indulged in. I am a little hooked on the Nanny show too. I don't have a toddler yet, but what I see on the show is so much like my classroom and many of the kids that I teach.

Anonymous said...

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