Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Haley's advice tip # 1

Yes, you really do need all this stuff in bed. Its better that way. You sleep better.


Sarangeti said...

Hello! I found your site via blogexplosion and thought that, gasp! I'd actually leave a comment. Nice blog!

Mrs. Flinger said...

So, I'm not meaningn to be paranoid or anything, but what age is it OK to let them sleep with stuff? 'Cause I'm a freak about it now. No extra blankets. No fluffy bedding, you know the drill.

I mean, I hope LB does this, 'cause I think it's hilarious, but what age does this start??

Mrs. Flinger said...

Please ignore all typos. Gosh. I'm suffering tired mommy brain BIG TIME. :-)

buhtafly said...

I dont know what age it starts? I know I was paranoid too. I have always thought that once they can move freely on their own, ie: rolling, sitting, standing etc. That extra blankets and stuffed animals would be ok. I always thought the paranoia is from the fact that they could smother themselves in them because they couldnt move away. So once they can move it would be ok? This is my own personal beliefs, I dont know the "correct" answer hehe About 6 months old I let Easton have a stuffed puppy in his bed. But I put it in the far corner. So if he did wake up he could play with it. Now he has a few in there, and I always find them on the floor..hehe

Traci said...

I just love the labeled photo. How cute. How can Haley not love bedtime with all her lovebugs around her. What a priceless picture!

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