Sunday, January 23, 2005

Stick with what ya like.

You know, I should learn by now. Stick with what I like. Stick with what works. We went to a picture place today to get pictures done of the kids. I decided to go because they were having a good coupon for a free 8x10 and some valentines day cards. I am a member there, and had a free sheet left. I love their cupid costume, and have always wanted to have one of my children in it. Its always seemed better suited for a boy, now I have one, so what perfect timing. Well I remembered why I decided never to go back. Its the quality of their photographers in our area. You know what kind of pictures you are going to get, when the girl doesn't even talk to my kids, or tries to be friendly with them, she asks me their names, their age, and then says "humm, well lets see if we can get them to take good pictures" in a negative tone. As if she was just expecting them to be hard. We get them in position, she waves a "tickle stick" in their faces, and says smile. Nothing. She does it again, Easton looks down instead, Haley tries to grab it. Not working. She stands there, so Kyle and I step in. We had to do so much work making noises, moving the kids, playing peek a boo, and basically doing her job, for her to MISS good opportunities. There were a few that were perfect, if she would have clicked the button! I also told her it was ok to take some if they were looking down, and it was sweet looking. Did she? No. I don't think she even took 5 different poses. Haley decided she wasn't smiling for this lady, and Easton had enough of her shoving a feather duster in his face. I told her we had enough. We came back an hour later to only 3 poses. I knew she took more of certain poses, and whats annoying, is that they decide what is "good" enough. So maybe I wanted to see the one where Haley was pushing her brother out of her lap, and he was crying. Because that is real life! haha So anyway, it made the decision to not buy more then we should even easier. And when the other girl was putting them in the bag she got into a conversation with another worker about the brand new cell phone, still in box, that was left on the counter..that she forgot to cut off the wallets and instead put the whole sheet I got 2 - 5x7's that they normally throw away! Thank you to whoever it was who left their phone behind :) I got a bonus! My membership is up in March, and I am happy to say that I will not be going back there anytime soon. Not unless I get some great incentives. I am going to be happily going to JCP where Tina LOVES my children and they smile for her.

Here are the pictures we got. They are ok. There are a few things that I don't like, and maybe I am just too picky now. But oh well. I only paid 10 bucks for 4 sheets, that would have cost me 72 dollars! *choke*

Ahh...aren't they cute? If she would have waited a second longer, Haley would have been hugging him.

This is as good as the close up got.

And now..for the best one of all. The one that just shows how good their photographers are..the one that daddy did....not the girl who works there... hahaha

Just classic. Classic. The other one she took wasn't that cute at all. They showed us it instead, with this one printed in only an 8x10 inside, as if it wasn't that good. Well they were wrong. This was better then the other one. :)

Well, so now I know. Don't mess with a good thing. :)


Erin said...

I know the place of which you speak... and I wholeheartedly agree, though I DID get a good photographer... ONCE. The last time we went (for Ben's Christmas pics), I said to the girl, "He'll laugh his head off if you fake a sneeze and the last time we were here he LOVED the fuzzy duster thing." She completely ignored me and used NEITHER of these techniques... instead, she said to Ben (8 months at the time), "SMILE!" over and over.


Our Christmas pics SUCKED. Our membership w/ them is up before Ben's first b-day, so I'll probably go back once more for my last free sheet and then take him to JCP for his b-day pics.

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