Wednesday, January 26, 2005

what was I thinking?

I am making Easton's birthday invitations. I made Haley's the last two years, so its only right to make Easton's. Well its hard. Its hard when you have an idea in your head..and you won't stop til you get that perfect shot. I am still not 100% satisfied. I have taken probably 50 shots on my digital. But he is 11 months. Its hard when he is so wiggley and doesn't want to do what I ask. He will do it all day long, as long as I didn't ask it of him. Thats the way it goes. It's also hard to get help from Kyle when he has no idea what I am picturing in my head. So he has a foot in the way or he pulls the sheet down. So I think I will try one more time and if I don't get "the" shot I will go with one of the others I have taken. I have about 4 to choose from, all with different sayings. I will show you the ones I am choosing from later. I was also trying to search for the ones I have done for Haley. But, I am on my way to Awana and need to find something to wear. Tonight is dress like your favorite sport. Gee is MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) considered a sport? Because that show is pretty funny. I wonder how I could dress up..I could pick something from one of the many challengers...haha. Probably not suitable for 4 year olds. I think I will just wear one of Kyle's football jerseys. Should I go with Willamette? Sure. why not. :)


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