Friday, January 14, 2005

11 months old

My sweet little boy. Yesterday you turned 11 months old. I can NOT believe in 4 weeks we will be celebrating your First Birthday. I don't know where the time has gone. I still look at you as 9.5 months old..because. Well. It makes me feel better knowing you are still a little baby instead of a soon-to-be toddler. So I don't feel as sad that you are growing up so fast.

What a cute lil' basketball player..

You have been sleeping through the night. Finally. Its taken you awhile to get the hang of it. You also have become a speed crawler getting to the things you want in a flash. You discovered that when you stand up..your legs actually move and you can walk around furniture and toys. You also love pushing your hippo that eats your blocks. Your new fun skill is walking while holding my fingers.

You have 8 teeth. 8! Which help in your food munching skills. You eat anything and everything. There is not one picky bone in your body and you prefer to feed yourself! You get angry and slap the tray when I am trying to spoon the food in. So I let you do it yourself. You get messy, but hey, thats part of the fun. You boycotted baby food. I can't get anything near your mouth that even looks like it, you thought I was trying to trick you when I made potato soup. Honest, it was good, and just because it looked like baby food. It wasn't. You love green beans! My mom told me that I did too. She use to open a can of them and give them to me as a snack. I am doing the same for you too.
I know..I shouldn't have done that. No excuses. hehe

You were weighed 3 weeks ago and you were 19lbs 4 oz. I am betting you are 20 lbs now. Or at least so close. I don't doubt that next month you will be in a new car seat. That infant one is getting kinda hard to carry around! What a whole new world for you to sit forward facing. I bet you will love it!

Ribbon is so fun!
You can wave, and I have been trying to teach you sign language. I think you signed milk the other day and all done. I am very proud. I am going to work harder at being consistant and I am sure you will pick them up. You are a smart cookie. You say mama, and dada, and hi. But of course will not do them on command. Figures. :)

You love watching sports with your daddy, and you love playing with your sister. You favorite thing is to be a "little brother". You take your job seriously. The other day she had 3 towels with her. You crawled over and grabbed one. She took it back. So you grabbed a different one. She screamed, and grabbed it back. So you grabbed the other one she let go.. then it was tug or war over the next you grabbed. This game went on forever. You also crawl on her while she is watching cartoons and you growl while grabbing her hair and biting her. She giggles. So I let you continue.
Just too cute!
You have shown you CAN giggle. For the longest time you were a silent giggle boy. Your mouth would open and you would smile but nothing came out. Now, ohhh the giggles are constant and so adorable. I love the sound.

Tell my mom to clean the lense! smudges!

You are such a blessing. I am so happy you are in our family. It wouldn't be the same without you. I still can not believe you are 11 months old. I am sure I will be freaking out in 4 weeks when I say you are ONE! (but I can fool myself and say..BUT really he is 10.5 months old..hehe Some day I am gonna have to let that go. :)


Traci said...

Happy 11 month birthday Easton. Wow, only four weeks away from the big one-year birthday. How exciting.

Erin said...

Happy 11 months kiddo! :) You are such a cutie! (and your mommy's post made me get all teary!) ;)

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