Friday, January 21, 2005


Sometimes there are a few things I want to talk about , so it makes giving the post a title hard. So today is just Friday.

Today was mom 2 mom. Haley woke up warm. And really not looking well. As a mom you just know when your baby doesn't feel well and she gave me all the signs. I could see it in her eyes. So Kyle agreed to take her with him to work so I could still go to the moms group since, I am in charge of craft and all. Its important I am there. As I am getting my things out of the car, I notice Haley starts crying..and you guessed it. She barfed. So there goes our plan. Kyle took both kids back home. He is such a sweetheart. I am happy his job allows him to do this. So I went to mom 2 mom.

Where....I met Leslie! Ohhh and she is just as sweet, kind, and wonderful as she is in her blog! And her little baby!! Ohhh little Lauren is so precious! You don't know how hard it was not to call her LB. haha I am so happy that she came today. I really hope she had a good time, and that she comes back again :) We talked about getting together when it gets nicer out and walk :) We live pretty close to each other, what are the meet through Erin's blog and to be within a mile of each other in the same city! I wish I could have talked to her more..but being craft leader..makes it hard during the time we could talk alot. Hopefully next time. I was so happy to meet her!

Well now its 3 pm. Kids are napping and I have done NOTHING. sad isn't? I better do something and move Haley to her room so she doesn't wake too early. :)


Erin said...

OH sure... you meet through MY blog but do *I* get to play? Nooooooooooo... I live three time zones away. ;)
Sheesh. :P

Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, Erin, you know you couldda come and played! I invited you over! :-) It's just a six hour flight is all.

Bree, thanks for the invite! It was totally fun. I'm glad you got to meet LB, too. I laughed because I almost called her LB there and I NEVER call her LB in real life. How funny!

Oh, and apparently, I'm just an idiot. I skipped a couple of posts. I think so my "cashed" version (see my other comment) is just mommy brain at work again.

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